Firstly, I must apologize for the flowery fonts, headers, and general choice of wording and style present in this blog. My creativity seems to be tied to a flair for the dramatic (as it often does), and so it seems only fitting that I should tie the two together when presenting my works to an audience.

Secondly, welcome to my collection of tales, snippets of information, or jaunts through the worlds of my creation. I created this blog in the hopes that I may coax some poor stranger (or perhaps several) into judging the quality of my works, and with luck ensnare them in the web of a finely woven story or fascinate them with an interesting tidbit of fictional fact. Should my works prove themselves worthy of consumption, I plan someday to graduate to novels but should that event come to pass I will still offer all my shorter works here for free. Anything less would be criminal, after all.